Architecture Sells

Good architecture sells: things and services and experiences.

If we think of an enterprise as a box then out of it flows the fount of valuables created by the business for its customers.

The boxes spew out every object produced in the world: phones, paper, planes, pyjamas, pizzas, pennies, pumps, penicillin………….. They provide all the services you want: couriers, catering, cabs, cleaning, caretaking, copywriting, consulting, conveyancing…………… They also make all the experiences you love: movies, masses, malling, music, marriages, mudding, motoring………..

iPhone, Uber, Notre Dame, there is exceptional architecture in all of them, drawing in your hands, eyes, backsides and feet. The better it fuses form and function in something, the more people want it.

On the other side, into the box of the enterprise, goes everything needed to produce all that. It consumes organisation and processes and infrastructure and information and security and applications and planning and raw materials and finance. All these have architecture too, and someone provides them to the enterprise. Those that supply ingredients with the best designs end up selling most to the enterprise, in the short term. And with better inputs, the enterprise thrives and the same suppliers end up selling to it in the long run.

There you have it – Architecture sells, for the enterprise and to the enterprise.

No wonder there is demand for a profession that drives so much commerce. As Yoda would put it, “Itself too, Architecture sells.”